Advertising Agency Litigation

Lendrum Law Firm has represented numerous prominent advertising agencies in a wide range of matters including, but not limited to, litigation, general corporate organization and strategy, non-bankruptcy workouts, creditor negotiations and strategic business solutions.

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The following is a representative sample of the services provided by the attorneys at the firm to our advertising agency clients:

  • Los Angeles-Based Agency: The attorneys at the firm were retained by the agency to collect extensive outstanding receivables, negotiate with creditors, defend numerous employment claims, pursue litigation against various individuals and entities arising out of the breach of an agreement to acquire assets of another agency, and to work with outside non-legal consultants to devise a non-bankruptcy alternative to winding down the agency. The attorneys eventually went to trial against one of the agency's clients and obtained a verdict that was reported in The San Diego Daily Transcript as one of San Diego's largest awards.
  • San Francisco-Based Agency: The attorneys at the firm were retained by the agency to pursue litigation arising out of an agreement to acquire the assets of another agency, to pursue litigation to collect receivables from clients, which included seizing assets of the former client pending the outcome of trial, defending the agency against creditor claims, and working with outside non-legal professionals to devise the appropriate non-bankruptcy workout with the creditors.
  • Orange County-Based Agency: The attorneys at the firm were retained by the agency to pursue claims against a former client. Those claims were eventually settled for a substantial sum and, in the process, the attorneys at the firm, in coordination with efforts by non-legal professionals, successfully negotiated the forgiveness of more than $2 million in agency debt.
  • San Francisco-Based Agency: The attorneys at the firm have been retained to collect outstanding receivables, defend the agency against various claims and devise an alternative to bankruptcy.

For information regarding the range of services available to our advertising agency clients, please contact us.