The way in which Mr. Lendrum handled the case with responsiveness and diligence to each step made a substantial difference. Mr. Lendrum reviewed my case thoroughly on our first consultation, and gave expert insights that I would of never realized without his counsel. Financial institutions are relentless, but with Mr. Lendrum's guidance and legal acumen, a successful settlement was reached. Mr. Lendrum far exceeded my expectations in his abilities and achieved an outstanding outcome which has restored my working career.

Edward - November 2018


After suggestions, research and recommendations, Jeffery Lendrum was our pick for a family estate matter. Mr. Lendrum never disappointed me. He is very knowledgeable, patient, caring and above all worked with the highest of ethics. His ability to explain the finer points of the law and guide us thru the maze of the filings and petitions and eventual outcome was amazing even when he had to explain certain items more than once. His ability to write a succinct filing or petition is 2nd to none and this was so evident when compared to the other court documents submitted in our case. Jeff Lendrum, attorney at law, as a role model, is why young people want to become lawyers and if they all matured to practice law as he does, there would be no lawyer jokes.

Patricia- January 2018


Hi Jeff,

I just want to thank you so much for being such an awesome attorney and wonderful hearted person that you are. Not that many attorneys have a conscience but I know that you do. I had no idea what a great attorney we had until the mediator came I and told us how lucky we were to have you and at the end to see him commending you in the way that he did, and reiterate to us what a good attorney we had. Not that I questioned it before as I thought you were good from the beginning! It just cemented it how respected you are in your field. Thank you

Thank you so much!

Hollie and Eddie- August 2017


Jeff Lendrum helped me to retrieve my family funds which were lost at a California Broker. Most friends and associates insisted that it would be futile to take a broker to court. But Jeff HAD A POSITIVE ATTITUDE and approached the case with conviction. He was able to show the Judge and the Court that wrongdoing did take place and that I should be compensated for my losses and that my case should serve as an example for other innocent investors, that justice will be done. I am grateful that my lawyer was able to discover the truth by leaving no stone unturned.

George-July 2017


Hi Jeff,

Just a short note to let you know that I enjoyed working with you yesterday, and am pleased we were able to reach resolution. Your pragmatic approach and assistance was greatly appreciated. Thank you for sticking with it and working late into the evening. Getting this matter resolved was in the best interests of your clients and you achieved an excellent result for them.

Steve -July 2017


To hire Mr. Lendrum is to hire a seasoned high caliber professional. As a client, his knowledge of the law in his field of expertise provides you with an assurance of having the right lawyer for your legal needs. In his overseeing of my case his outstanding focus with addressing the legal wrong doings of the opposing party resulted in a successful court verdict in my favor. I highly recommend Mr. Lendrum.

Lillian- February 2017


I feel really lucky that I was referred to Jeff Lendrum. Not only is he very professional. He is just a really nice down to earth person. My husband and I were very impressed watching him in action in mediation. That is when I realized all the hard work and time that went into this case. And that he really cares about his clients and what happens. I will recommend Jeff to anyone that needs a good attorney. Thank you again Jeff for recovering our losses from a broker who took advantage of me and lost most of my portfolio.

Lori- October 2016


We want to express to you directly our deep favorable impression of the legal skills, intelligence, ethics and the plain hard word which the team headed by Jeffrey P. Lendrum performed. Coming from a legal background and having had to engage lawyers over some thirty years, I can personally testify that Jeff is the top of all attorneys I have dealt with, and I have dealt with some of the finest.

William M.


Jeff...your assistance over the past years with both this case and the Dean Witter action, as well as the personal involvement you gave to me will never be forgotten...whatever [your firm] is paying you...it's not enough.

Michael C.


Mr. Lendrum has an exceptional eye for detail and is strategic in the way that he fights his cases. Jeff Lendrum is truly a brilliant attorney. If I am ever in the need of legal representation again, the first call I will make is to Lendrum Law Firm.

Alexis D. - January 14, 2016


I was referred to Lendrum Law nine months ago, and I feel very fortunate Mr. Lendrum chose to accept my case and represent me. I was a misclassified worker, supervisor in the securities industry, terminated whistle blower, needing immediate representation. My former employer had a history of litigation with former employees that is known to be relentless. My case was very involved, broad concerning multiple issues, and I found it difficult to find one attorney who was able to cover all areas in his practice. My information and files were so extensive it required my renting of a storage unit. The amount of information led to a question of how to properly sort and choose a path, what was really important? I had difficultly knowing which way to go. Once Mr. Lendrum was retained I received reassuring direction I had not experienced previously. Finally I was able to sleep through the night know in my life changing situation the representation was as aggressive as needed to protect my interests. Within 60 days from the time I retained Lendrum Law, I was represented in a hearing with a defense that excelled in details and preparation. In the short time Lendrum Law had to prepare, I experienced a organized and professional advocate who understood my case and represented me in comfortable courtroom manner which garnered complements from his peers. I appreciate attention to detail and that is what the entire staff displays in their hands on approach. The always timely direction and communication, Mr. Lendrum and his staff gave me through this process was reassuring, leaving nothing to chance, never shirking a responsibility. I highly recommend Jeff Lendrum and his staff at Lendrum Law. If you are fortunate to have Mr. Lendrum represent you, I am sure you will have confidence and also feel blessed knowing the absolute best possible representation is being prepared and presented on your behalf.

Alan M.


I most highly recommend Jeff Lendrum and feel very grateful to have had him represent and settle my case against a financial "advisor" who had improperly invested and lost all my liquid assets. While many lawyers rely on a haughty attitude and lawyer game-playing, Jeff fought for and secured my settlement with most thorough preparation, a sharp strategy and relentless determination. He is a passionate lawyer and a compassionate human being. His staff was equally professional, respectful and pleasant. It speaks for itself when, after my case had concluded, one of the defendants solicited Mr. Lendrum for his own representation, for which he was properly declined, a good example of Mr. Lendrum's principled consistency. This is the lawyer you want on your side.

Wendi H.


From our very first introduction to Mr. Lendrum, my daughter and I had a mutual feeling of confidence and trust in his understanding and assessment of our challenges with our high profile opponents. By the end of our meeting, he gave us a quick assessment of our situation, told us what he thought could be attained without building high hopes but assuring us he felt confident he could get an agreeable settlement for us. He and his staff quickly assembled the information we had gathered and entered into discussions with our opponents, laying out the facts and identifying damages. Within a few months, he managed to get us a financial settlement without going into arbitration. We were satisfied with the results and know that without Mr. Lendrum's assistance, we had very little chance of recovering much, if any of our claim.

Robert H.


Smart. Analytical. Strategic. Jeff is a dynamic, motivated attorney committed to attaining justice. Jeff represented me in a contentious securities litigation and I am thankful I found him.

I absolutely recommend the Lendrum Law Firm.

Michele S.


I needed a knowledgeable, resourceful and competent securities lawyer who didn't sugar coat things and who was an excellent communicator. Jeff Lendrum has been that person for me again and again. Thanks Again Jeff

Ed H.


We had the great pleasure of working with Jeffrey and Lendrum Law Firm recently, and the expertise, advice, and experience these guys bring to the table is unparalleled. I highly recommend the Lendrum Law Firm.

Brian Fanale
MyLeadSystemPRO Co-Founder


I have had the privilege of meeting and working with Mr. Lendrum on a couple of cases during my 18-year career. As a financial advisor in an industry with very stringent regulations you want the best when it comes to defending your livelihood as well as your licenses. Mr. Lendrum proved to know not only how to handle difficult cases with the law relating to the securities industry but with the state laws as well that can be very relevant in many instances as it was in my case. Mr. Lendrum's broad knowledge of State and Securities law as well as his ability to think outside the box along with his great ability to present and defend has helped immensely. I would surely not hesitate for a second to have him assist me in the future if ever needed.

David S.


The Lendrum Law Firm represented my husband and I when the developer and the real estate agent did not disclose information regarding out condominium having flooding and mold in our building. Mr. Lendrum and his associates at the Lendrum Law Firm fought all parties involved in our case, and got us a large settlement, without us having to pay any out of pocket expenses. Lendrum Law Firm went up against a huge developer and the entire real estate group, which was intimidating for us to fight alone. They are knowledgeable in all the laws, and put our fears to rest. I would recommend them in any non-disclosure case. I was free to call anytime a question arose, and they were quick to respond throughout the entire lawsuit, which is rare when dealing with a law firm. If you are afraid to fight for your rights, Lendrum Law Firm will fight on your behalf, and work diligently for your case. They worked closely with us until a settlement was reached. We were able to get monetary reimbursement for all repairs, as well as punitive damages to our family. Lendrum Law Firm is a top notch team, and I would refer anyone needing representation to them.

Thalia K.


I am very upset that I did not know of Jeff Lendrum and the Lendrum Law firm at the start of our negotiations with the Defendants. If we had used Jeff from the outset, we would have saved over $50,000 in Attorney's fees. Jeff's knowledge and ability forced the Defendants into a negotiated settlement and the Defendants' Attorneys are claimed to be one of the top firms in town. There was also a very strong possibility that we would have lost our case or not been able to pursue it further because of financial constraints and this would have resulted in a loss to us of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Leonard B.


If you are reading this you have probably been wronged by your broker and you are looking to hire an attorney to get your money back. Although you might not be used to hiring a lawyer, it's essential that you choose the right lawyer. I lost $2.4 million and initially chose a lawyer for all the wrong reasons. I didn't know any better. But now I do. So when I needed a new securities litigation attorney I looked for a lawyer who was not only successful in the area I needed but who also TOOK THE TIME TO ANALYZE MY CASE. Most securities lawyers will take your case just hoping to convince you to accept a small settlement and they get paid without having to step foot in court. This was not my experience with Mr. Lendrum. Before he even offered to take my case, he spent hours analyzing the issues and provided me with a legitimate case evaluation. Other lawyers just wanted me to sign a contract and worry about learning my case later. This was not in my best interest; it was in their best interests. Mr. Lendrum looked out for my best interest.

Mr. Lendrum also has the experience and expertise to be successful in recovering your money. But an even more important fact is that Mr. Lendrum cares about his clients and the outcome of their case. Unlike most large firms, he handles and is involved in every step of the process. Fighting to recover your money will be a very emotional process. However, I feel that with Mr. Lendrum as your lawyer you will have the peace of mind of knowing your case is important not just to you but to him and it will be handled professionally.

I feel so strongly about the quality of legal services provided by Mr. Lendrum that I would recommend him to other investors.

Jamie D.


There is no easy lawsuit. Being sued by a neighbor is not a pleasant experience. However, thanks to Mr. Jeff Lendrum, I could actually sleep at night! I am most grateful for the efficiency, discretion and privacy with which this problem was effectively solved. It was both surprising and impressive to learn that the person bothering me, later sought Mr. Lendrum's counsel.

Sharon O.


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