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July 2014 Archives

How can I avoid falling victim to an investment scam?

Ben Franklin is credited with saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Whether he came up with the phrase himself or retooled one that he picked up from another source is something we may never know. That doesn't diminish the value of the adage, however.

Federal regulators renew warnings about pension advance deals

The attraction of apparent ready money in the face of mounting financial pressure can lead people to make decisions they otherwise probably would not. Perhaps one of the best examples of this phenomenon in practice can be seen in the existence of so-called pension advance companies.

Supreme Court ruling's effect on investor class action suits TBD

The U.S. Supreme Court wrapped up its session for the year on Monday. As is typically the case, there was a flurry of decisions issued in the final weeks. Included on the list was one that came down June 22 and which practitioners in securities law are surely still mulling over. As is also fairly typical in such instances, there doesn't seem to be any clear consensus about exactly what effect the decision will have on cases going forward.


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