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Knowledge of the opposition is how we help investment victims

Intelligence about the opposition is a powerful tool. World governments rely on spies to gather the information needed to assess potential threats to national security. Pro teams make a point of reviewing game films to see what they did wrong and how other teams handle certain situations. The same applies to the practice of business law and perhaps particularly in the area of securities law.

The fact of the matter is that most individuals are more dependent on the success of their investments than ever before. Most of us are not Warren Buffet, however, so we have to put our trust in stockbrokers, investment companies and financial advisors. 

Just as for lawyers and doctors, there are laws meant to keep such players in the financial industry on the up and up. But when bad actors take the stage, individuals can suffer financially. To achieve recovery after such a loss requires a depth of knowledge about how those players think.

The Lendrum Law Firm is dedicated to just that kind of intelligent representation on behalf of individuals who have suffered from investment fraud. The team's skill in representing malpractice victims derives from years of practice and previous experience defending brokers and dealers in cases brought by investors.

That there is a need for robust protection for injured parties is not a matter of dispute. The actions of unscrupulous advisors, trustees and agents are known to result in losses to millions at a cost of billions of dollars.

If you are someone who has experienced loss due to breach of fiduciary duty, a failure of full disclosure of material facts, insufficient due diligence, or other malpractice, we encourage your visit to our Financial Fraud and Investment Loss Recovery page.

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